Submit A Poem

*****Please insert own name and email address (optional) in the designated boxes unless you wish to remain anonymous.


There are a couple of rules that should be followed when submitting your writings.

These rules are not to hinder you or hold you back in writing poetry, but to set a standard for the community, so that we will always be promoting the best.

*****Please send all questions you might have to:

1.) When submitting an original piece of work, it MUST NOT be plagiarized in any way, shape, or form.

2.) Work by other authors is allowed to be submitted. Please send in their name (or “Anonymous” if there is no name to be given) in the email with the piece of work.

3.) If at all possible, please try to refrain from using inappropriate language or references unless within reasons.

4.) Pictures or video can be sent in with/as submissions. Please send all media files via email to: “”. All attachments MUST remain inoffensive. If there is anything that is only slightly offensive or may bring negative attention to some readers, please provide a “TRIGGER WARNING” along with your submission.

5.) Enjoy everyone’s work and provide as much positive feedback as possible! Unnecessary and overly negative comments will not be tolerated.

Again, please send all questions you might have to:

Additional Information:

All poems submitted will be posted on the front page along with information about the author if possible.

They will be titled with different subcategories of poetry to correctly identify specific sub-genres.

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