The Introduction by Bee

Dear future boyfriend, best friend, and or friend
There will be times I need you to tell me
I’ll be okay even when I look fine.
I spent all my life building these walls and it doesn’t take long to break them down.
I’m always left at the end of the night picking up the pieces and rebuilding what was left behind.
But it’s hard to rebuild something when there is nothing left to find.
There will be a time when the only pain you know of is the one hiding behind my eyes.
Before you get upset know it’s my genetic makeup to hide and lie
You will beg and you will plead for me to tell you the problem but I won’t know how to speak,
Because how do you explain something you don’t understand.
I am a master piece of a preview and a let down of a movie,
I am not as strong As I may seem
Or even at all.
I couldn’t point myself out in a crowd because you can’t point out a person you don’t know.
Pop quiz!
If you mix 2 quarts vodka and 1 pound of weed what do you get?
One hell of a cover up.
Don’t feel bad for me.
That’s like consoling a kid who doesn’t have an arm because you have one.
I didn’t mean to have a whole where my heart should be.
All that’s left are bruises and broken glass,
Knives and cigarettes,
smoke and fire.
And a hell of a makeover project
Life didn’t make me independent it took my will to be.
Use me until your done and throw me to the side and that’s where I will still be.
I am like a homeless man with pride.
My sign reads. “will work for attention”.
Because I learned love doesn’t come free.
Eager and willing
I am a charity
Any validation on why I should still be living is not only welcomed but requested.
And any comment making me feel less shitty is suggested.
I am a thing under your bed at night
You don’t actually know what I am and neither do I and that terrifies us both.
As if the shoe fits where it, but none of these shoes seems to fit
So how can I stand tall and bare it.
I am metal scraps and wood clippings duct taped to make a hollow shell of a girl You and I once knew.
There is a window In front of me and I can see it but can’t touch it.
And I’m sorry that I unwillingly signed you up for this job, but I did
And to be fair you walked into it.
So, stay.
Because. I’m tired of people leaving
It was the straw that broke the camels back, but what if it was a whole hay stack.
I can’t do this on my own.
Hey, Has anyone ever told you you shouldn’t leave a three year old home alone with the iron on.
It’s kind of like leaving paper next to an open flame
We all know that ends in disaster
Tell me I’m beautiful.
I don’t need you to believe it but tonight and always I need it.
When your surrounded by your voices that are over eager to tell you your useless it’s good to here one that’s not.
Dear boyfriend don’t be alarmed if I’m always trying to sleep with you because I only feel useful when I’m on my back. I only feel fulfilled when your filling me. And I this may be fine for you but it’s slowly killing me.
you can leave the cash on the night stand right next to the broken pieces from the night before.
because I wouldn’t be surprised if you left.
Dear everyone who enters my life.
I am not okay. I Am never okay.
But I am trying to be.
I am costing through life tip toeing on a tight rope while being whacked in the head with flying balls. It’s only a matter of time before I fall
this life does not come with a parachute
There are no cable wires
No stuntman
No one to tell cut when all the shit hits the fan .
No ending to this misery
And no plot to this story.u
But this isn’t sad because everyone dies . But some times people die years before their body does.
It’s not your fault
I made my own web and got caught in it. And I’ve been there ever since.
how could you have known that you fell in love with a puppet of a former champion.
Dear boyfriend, best friend, and or friend. I know I am damaged beyond repair.
But thank you for being there
Your contribution to this world does not go unnoticed
And hopefully one day mine won’t either

Published by: The Inspirational Spirit

Words contain emotional meaning. Alone they need only definition, but together, they create a passage to one's soul. Stories are told as these words are spoken to the hearts of those who listen. "The Inspirational Spirit" allows writers from all over to unite and share their works of art with any and all audiences. The minds of many are opened. Let's have a look at what's inside...

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