Poem: I Can’t Breathe by Anonymous *Trigger Warning: Depressing*

I don’t think I can do this anymore with all of the pressure and the pain that’s inside of me

I’m constantly in a cage that gets smaller and smaller the more I try to get out of it

All of those who said that they would be there for me were the first to leave me

Every step forward always seems like I’m taking another five steps back even when that’s not true

I never know if people will see me for who I really am on this earth

Every glance and stare feels like a sharpened blade of judgement through my shallow soul

It’s getting harder to find something in this cruel world to keep moving forward

There must be something wrong with me for everyone and everything to disappear

The world around me continuously spins while I’m at a stand still

It already feels like everyone who knew me has forgotten me

I will never feel the warmth of another person’s love

Each new day is another day of unpleasant reality

This never-ending hell eats away at my sanity

Freedom seems like it’s so far away

I wonder if I’ll feel better

It’s getting harder to breathe

I can’t escape this

I can’t breathe…

I can’t…




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