A New Beginning

To every single person who has ever visited this page, suggested this page to friends, or to any of you who have shared your very own work on The Inspirational Spirit, I personally apologize directly to each and every one of you.

Life has been an ongoing battle over time this last last year. From the loss of family members to great new opportunities, this last year has been full of many different emotions, but I refuse to make excuses.

Starting today, I will do my best to manage this site as best I can. I would love for all of you to know The Inspirational Spirit as something that we can all come to and trust for great literature created or shared by each and every one of you to spread the beautiful words that we as a community have strung together.

Help me to shine the spotlight on the wonderful art form that we have all come to love and respect known as, “Poetry.”

Let us truly live through the words of our peers.

Thank you for all of your support, and may we continue to grow and prosper together.


Desmond H.

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