Love and Insanity by Dez

If I were able to express my true feelings would it even matter, would it be enough to gather all of the emotions that I want in response, or better yet just the emotions that you can fathom, because I know emotions are always in motion, on a constant track, they may turn around or never look back but when your train passes by I’ll be the kid running behind with dreams of a future in his eyes hoping for the strength and speed to eventually catch you but darling I am only human and even humans get tired. Tired of chasing what is out of reach tired of wondering and hoping for things that still have not come. Do you know the definition of insanity? It is repeating the same process hoping for a different result and I believe that you are worth my insanity, I believe you are worth my struggles,  I believe you are worth my time, say lady will you give me the light of day will you look into my eyes and tell me what I want to hear or will you tell me what I need to hear. With any aspiration there will be the fear of failure and disappointment but my heart can take it, at least that’s what I believe. It takes a real man to give a woman his heart to cherish or destroy and I don’t consider myself weaker by doing so, but just know that the heart you hold in your hands has been lusted for by others, it has been through unknown battles and shows its scars but also know that if u decide to crush it there will be no other like it and I will be forced to find another heart, a heart made from scratch with holes and leaks because it will be made by man and not God, so tell me what will you do with that heart that you hold whose leaks have been sealed with tape and whose scars have been covered with bandages…. Do you know the definition of insanity?

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