My Window by Anonymous

I awaken.

The sun is burning brighter than it ever has before.

The wind breathes heavily.

I look up, and see a bird. How long will it continue to soar above?

But wait…

I’m not outside.

I snap back into reality and search my surroundings.

The window…

It’s nature’s way of whispering.

As I lay still, I cower inside this seemingly cramped place.


She speaks of the world and all its wonders.

The endless space.

I ask, “What must I do to overcome my fears?”

She soothes me.

I wonder, “How long do we really have?”

She reassures me.

Although her stormy rage can erupt at any moment,

She reaches out to me…

Through the window.

I embrace her completely, accepting all of her imperfections.

She is a lot like me.

I feel like I’m truly myself now.

How do I know?

I’ve finally left my window.

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