Poem: Surprise Ending by Sara

The sound of your name makes me cringe
Your voice make me boil
Your face gives me heart aches
You bring back memories
Memories of a broken past
A past of silence and regrets
A past of bad choices and a yearning for love
Our past was a bad choice
You broke me down
Stripped me of my identity
Encouraged my bad behavior
Lit the fire behind my anger
Showed me what REAL emotion feels like
Showed me that getting cheated on is not so fun
Showed me I can’t stop loving someone
Showed me I’m a sucker for a bible boy
Showed me I’d take back someone who broke my heart
Just to feel better
Showed me that I only cry for REAL love
Showed me that I’m gullible
The boy who is “too old”
The boy that I don’t want to admit I miss like crazy
The boy that I undoubtedly still have feelings for
The boy who is not going to give me another chance
The best friend I used to have…

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