Poem: He was my first (say what you mean) by Sara

He is different people

He was my first
He was my first love
My first “I love you”
and my first heart break.

He was my first kiss
my first fling
the cause of my first fight
as well as my first fear
But he was not my first heart break

He was my first
my first lover
although it was not love
He was my first loss

He was my first
My first friend
that was more than just a friend
but not romantically
He is now my first lie

Out of all my firsts
I’m still waiting to feel like a first
even if I’m not his first,
make me feel that special
Dirt, dust, grime – reminders of old time,
Caution, line below,
Two snakes, two snakes.
No shakes.

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