What does “Poetry” mean? by poemsbynadia

Like the center of Earth’s core
there is a deep dark pool
within the abysmal soul
where few dare to enter.

Those who would endure
beyond rapid waves, loathing tides
wicked fears, and devious doubts
rise with intrepid thirst.

Only then would one conquer
the method of expression
where defined thoughts
poured from privileged minds.

Descended by a torrent
of ravenous desire
fingers become weapons
and hearts palpitate words.


2 thoughts on “What does “Poetry” mean? by poemsbynadia”

  1. Reblogged this on Poems by Nadia and commented:
    Thank you The Inspirational Spirit, for publishing my poem on your blog. Anyone who wants to share what “Poetry” means to you, please visit their site and give your unique interpretation as well!


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