Poem: The Ladder by Anonymous

The Ladder

Step by step, I’m continuously moving forward with my endeavor.



There’s an obstacle keeping me from my forever.

I climb upwards.

Endlessly, I climb this ladder that seems to never cease.

The wind swims past me as if it were a rapid river, and I, a solid stone.

I climb back down, and I sit.

These thoughts running wildly through my mind.

I know I’ll find the answer in due time.

Until then, I’ll continue to climb,

And climb,

And climb.

Published by: The Inspirational Spirit

Words contain emotional meaning. Alone they need only definition, but together, they create a passage to one's soul. Stories are told as these words are spoken to the hearts of those who listen. "The Inspirational Spirit" allows writers from all over to unite and share their works of art with any and all audiences. The minds of many are opened. Let's have a look at what's inside...

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