Poem: Acceleration by Desmond Harris


Will you lend me your ear?

Because I’m about to kick it into first gear.

Every single beating heart has the ability to play the part.

“What part?” You ask? The part that keeps this world from falling apart.

Actually, I think my peer’s ears are starting to hear the gears turn in my mind.

I can see in your eyes that there are words you are trying to find.

Allow me to assist you.

Take a look in the mirror.

THAT is the issue.

In that mirror, are you sure that it’s only you?

Or is our reality so clouded that we see what they want us to on cue?

Is that not enough for you?

This time I’ll try second gear,

But there’s no need to fear.

In the air, you can feel the despair of those who we don’t treat fair.

I’ll be the one relaxing while you sit on your lonely island, while I land

On what I call the dreary eye – land of the free.

Allow me to explain.

A dreary eye remains lifeless, yet watching all life around it as though it wished to be alive.

Our hopes seep through the cracks of the earth, but still we thrive.

“Why?” You ask?

We’ll never let go of our dreams, no matter how tough it seems.

Day by day, hour after hour, our life trickles into a pool that one day will run dry.

We accept this as we open our eyes and our parents hear our first cry.

Ready for third gear?

This one might bring a tear to your eye

like a beer to the guy

In the back with his head

In his hands as he led

With his left, and his right

Was then kept in its spot

Where he dropped

Instead of being prepped

to be swept from the depths

of this hell.

Can’t you tell?

Now it’s time to go full throttle and open the bottle.

Life will never be fair, want proof?

Let’s play a game of truth or dare.

I dare you to tell me the truth,

The whole truth

And nothing but the truth…

What’s that? You can’t? Why not?

It’s like asking for a table or a booth, or is it not that simple?

Have you finally realized that it’s not about the info,

And maybe that it’s time to focus on the people?

Time flies when we tell lies.

So let’s focus on the truth of the matter.

It’s time we stop treating ourselves like the latter

And climb the ladder while listening to the pitter-patter

Of the rain drops below.

There’s something inside I want to invoke.

Let it free.

Be true to yourself for eternity.

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